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Slapping Dennis Pop/Rock Cartoon Band

tall green pine trees line the only streets i know

safety net’s in place to catch a fatal blow


it was so easy to march on, so easy to do all wrong


this is the door i’d run to, here’s the porch where i learned all my stuff

when i was here i was never alone

this is home


hardship, loose grip, always had a place to go

hope-chested memories fonding in a heart that grows


made it so easy to carry on, so easy i could do it wrong


this is the place i’d run to when broken down and all roughed up

if i was here, i was never alone

this is home



voiceless guarantees had anchored faith here long ago, years before we were shown


this is the door i’d run to, beyond this porch i learned more than enough

this is the place where i pulled through, when broken down, i learned to be tough

when i am here, i’m never alone


this is home 

This Is Home

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